Serving the finest blends of Hingashi at the Niten Ichi Tea House.
Visit us at Mists Ward 6 Plot 46.     
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Next Event - Friday, 12/11 @ 9PM EST!

Not quite ready to let autumn pass by? Niten Ichi welcomes all to stop by and celebrate that little chill in the air. We'll be bringing back specials from All Saint's Wake for the rest of fall - come snag them while they're here!

Come sample our amenities, celebrate with friends, and make new memories with us. We hope to see you at our house in the Mists!

Please note that we will be closed on 12/25 to celebrate Christmas!

Niten Ichi Tea House Menu

Seasonal Specials

Pumpkin Chai: Spiced pumpkin puree whisked with milk and chai tea. Served hot, or cold for a refreshing taste.

Hot Cinnamon Spice: An assertive blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves.

Thavnairian Autumn: Herbal rooibos is combined with hibiscus, cranberry flavor, orange flavor and peel for an aromatic herbal blend.

Apple Crush: A sweet and crisp apple ale with notes of pineapple and honey.

Pumpkin Creme Pie: A fluffy and light pie whipped together and placed in a graham cracker crust, with pecans on top.

Twin Heavens Tea

Citrus Twist: Lemon and lime are combined with a green tea base to create a crisp and refreshing drink served hot or iced.

Doman Jade: Noted for its historic roots in Doman tea, this aromatic floral tea has a sweet flavor and zesty feel.

Ginseng Green: Fresp, crisp green tea accented with ginger. Bittersweet and soothing, this earthy flavor is for all kinds.

Gunpowder: Variant of green tea with a smoky texture and a minty taste. Known for its pellet-like blending mix.

Heavenly Matcha: A Daisho family secret blend of green tea and uniquely sourced leaves. Known for its light, yet long-lasting flavor ideal for enjoying a peaceful setting.

Hingan Oolong: A traditional, gently sweet and full tasting tea passed down through Daisho family generations. Typically served at ceremonies and rituals.

Kocha : A strong caffeinated black tea generally served to weary travelers visiting Hingashi and looking for something familiar yet different.

Mugicha: A hingan favorite, this roasted barley tea packs a punch with no caffeine. This drink can be offered hot or iced making it a cycle-round choice.

House Platters

Tempura: Carefully chosen seafood & vegetables fried to a crispy texture in oil. Known across realms as a Hingan delicacy.

Sokhtai's Soba: Fried noodles served in a strong sauce with topping options: Shrimp, pork slices or vegetarian dumplings.

Shoyu Ramen: Classic Far Eastern noodle soup in a soy sauce based broth. Every bowl serves chashu pork, narutomaki, green onions, nori leaves and tamago.

Daisho Sirloin: 9-onze steak cut fried in a garlic-accented soy sauce.

Sushi selection: Authentic selection of Hingan seafood-based sushi, 12 per platter.

Light Dishes & Sides

Onigiri: Rice balls wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with fresh fish. 2 per serving.

Dashimaki tamago: Rolled egg fried with soy sauce and served in slices.

Edamame: Boiled and lightly salted soy beans. A particularly tasty snack plate.

Takoyaki: A popular Hingan dumpling served in a zesty sauce.

Bar Selection

Hingan Strong: Ale served dark and strong for the seasoned taste.

Niten Ichi Dry: A refreshing and citrus-accented beer recommended by the house.

Sake: Classic rice wine.

Umeshu: A special plum-based wine native to Hingashi known for its sweetness.

Ryu Cocktail: Vodka, tomato juice and a hint of lemon.


Pearl Chocolate: Provided by Matoi Chocolates. Flavor options include simple milk, dark, & white as well as more exotic flavors such as orange creamsicle, white raspberry, spiced pumpkin, Gridanian hazelnut, and lava cake.

Partnered Businesses

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The Niten Ichi Tea House

A sample of our amenities

The Niten Ichi Tea House is a carefully crafted venue designed to encapsulate the relaxing and soulful establishments of Hingashi. Sit down with us and savor our menu with genuine atmosphere.

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